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Research department

The Research Department of the museum "Lychakiv Cemetery" was founded in 2001.

The main tasks of the department is research, cultural and educational work as well as providing historical information about the burials at the territory of the museum.

In this direction, the department cooperates with scientists from different fields. Over 15 years of scientific research the staff of department helped a large number of citizens from different countries to find burial of prominent figures, relatives and friends.

The Research Department promotes the museum "Lychakiv Cemetery" and cultural heritage sites located within its territory.

Thus, the department prepares materials for the publication of printed materials about the museum, information and illustrative thematic displays dedicated to anniversary dates and history of the museum, prominent personalities.

There is cooperation with schools, museums, guides courses. The department conducted seminars on burials and historic preservation at the museum; participate in seminars, conferences and round tables with scientific reports and presentations.

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