The Hill of Glory

          "The Hill of Glory" (Pahorb Slawy) is located in the eastern part of the town not far from the Lychakiv cemetery (last stop of the tram # 2). The main entrance to the memorial is from Pasichna Str.. 
           In 1991 this memorial complex was added to the newly established museum " Lychakiv Cemetery". 
          The memorial complex "The Hill of Glory" was founded and built in 1945-1957 and restored in 1984. It was designed by architects 
M. Natalchenko, I. Persykov and H. Shvetsko-Vinetskyy. Sculpture works were done by sculptors V. Forostetskyy and M.Lysenko. 

          This memorial complex consists of: one common burial of Imperial Russian Army soldiers, three common burials of Soviet soldiers, 24 graves of the Heroes of the Soviet Union and 226 individual graves of Soviet soldiers. 

          The territory of the memorial complex has square form. There is one common burial in every corner. In the central part of the complex there are 24 graves of the Heroes of the Soviet Union. On the rest of the territory there are 226 individual graves of Soviet soldiers. All these monuments are made of sandstone, granite, marble and bronze.