Lychakiv Military complex The Field of Mars

   The military complex is located in the northern part of Lychakiv cemetery.  
   It has rectangular shape. The dimensions are 130 x 60 m. There are 360 burials with 3600 soldiers of the Soviet army and NKVD victims.
   The graves are the underground crypts with the tombstones on them. The tombstones are made of labradorite, sized 1.20 x 0.8 x 0.3m, with two sides surrounded by the bar of polished red granite width of 0.3 m. The distance between the rows of plates is 1.6m. 
   In 1917 on the northern side of Lychakiv Cemetery, on the former pastures and partly on the private areas was made place for burials of the Austrian-Hungarian Army and allies - German and Turkish ones, who fought together against Russian Imperial troops. There were burials of soldiers of different nationalities, different faiths: Austrians, Ukrainians, Hungarians, Czechs, Germans, Slovaks, Poles, Serbs, Croats, Turks, Bosnians. 
   On the plan of this cemetery, which was made in 1927, 4712 individual and common graves were specified. 
   In 1935-37 all burials of this cemetery were exhumed to the neighbouring fields by the Polish authorities. 
   Later, in the end of World War II, in July 1944, the burials of soldiers of the Soviet army were made here. In 1945-1950 3491 men were buried in the ground graves. 

       In 1989 at the top of military complex where the former burial place of 408 riflemen and officers of the Ukrainian Galician Army was, the L'viv branch of Ukrainian historical society "Memorial" set the high birch cross that later was replaced by the metal one with the inscription "To the defenders of L'viv, Sich Riflemen and officers of UGA who died for the freedom of Ukraine in the years 1918-1919”.

        In 1993 at Lychakiv military complex was established the memorial to the victims of World War II. The reburial of victims of Zamarstynivska prison on the free territory of military cemetery. Here in 1993 a crypt was constructed. After its construction, in July 30, 1994 the remains of 62 victims of political repressions, victims of Zamarstynivska prison who were shot by the communists were reburied here.

         In 1999 in this crypt the remains of another 122 victims of NKVD, murdered in prison in Zamarstynivska street on June, 1941 were reburied here.