Polish Military Cemetery from the period of 1918-1920


            This memorial was built before the Second World War 2859 persons were buried here. The majority of them died in the Ukrainian-Polish war (1918-1920). Some of them - in the period of 1919-1920 in fights against Bolshevik army and others were the participants of fights which died in 20-30s.This memorial was built and arranged before 1939 to the project of the fifth-year student of Architecture Department at L'viv Polytechnic University - Rudolf Indrukh (1892-1927). 

           A memorial complex consists of rotunda chapel, built in 1925, two catacombs (1932) in eight crypts of which rest 72 persons, well-fountain, tombs of the American pilots, which served in a T. Kościuszko squadron and tomb of the French infantrymen from the legion of Józef Galler. In 1934 the building of Triumphal Arch was finished. It was connected in semicircle by twelve Doric columns with two strong pylons with the names of battle places. 

             As well as the most Ukrainian, Austrian, German cemeteries, the Polish memorial complex was demolished and robbed in the period of Soviet power after the Second World War and in 1972 and only in 1989 the renovation and restoration works financed by the Polish government and funds collected in Polonia had begun.

Eventually Polish Military Cemetery was reopened on 24 June 2005.