Memorial of Ukrainian Galician Army

     The Ukrainian Galician Army Memorial Complex is located in the south east part of Lychakiv Cemetery (under construction). Authors of the project: architect M. Fedyk, painter I. Havryshkevych, sculptors: D. Krvavych and M. Posikira.The upper level of the memorial complex is devoted to the soldiers of Ukrainian Galician Army. UGA was the Ukrainian military formation of the West Ukrainian National Republic during and after the Polish-Ukrainian War (1918-1919). 
      The column in the middle of the hill is glorified by a bronze statue of Archangel Michael with an oak branch in his left hand and a sword in his right hand, the symbols of glory and courage. 
     There is a granite wall at the foot of the monument with underground crypts. 
     In the first crypt in 2002 was reburied doctor Oleksandr Tysovskyy (1886-1968), pseudo “Drot” - the founder of Ukrainian Youth Scout Organization “Plast”, whose ashes were brought from Vienna. He was a public and political figure, professor of the L'viv University, author of the articles about "Plast". 
     In the next crypt was reburied the first commander of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen Mykhailo Haluszczynskyy (1878-1931) - a prominent public and military figure, pedagogue, director of the Rogatyn' Gymnasium, participant of Ukrainian November Uprising in 1918, the head of  “Prosvita” Society (1923-1931), one of cofounders and a leading member of UNDO (Ukrainian National Democratic Alliance), author of the book of memoirs “With Ukrainian Sich Riflemen”. 
     In the following third crypt was reburied from Berlin in 2002 State Secretary (minister) of Warfare of ZUNR (West Ukrainian National Republic), colonel of UGA Dmytro Vitovskyy (1887 - 1919). During the First World War he distinguished himself in bloody fights against the Russian troops in Carpathian Mountains, on the Makivka Mountain. In 1918 he stood at the head of Ukrainian November Uprising and then headed the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He died tragically in an air crash (Silesia), returning from Paris Peace Conference, where he represented UNR (Ukrainian National Republic). Here also rests his adjutant Yulian Chuchman (1895-1919), which died together with him. 
     In fourth crypt is buried Severyn Levytskyy (1890-1962) – pedagogue and a prominent Plast figure. 
    The important element of this pantheon is „Altar of Memory” forming the semicircle. On the granite plates there are written 239 surnames of UGA riflemen fallen in fights for Lviv (1918-1919). The altar is also complemented by two obelisks between which in a circle there are placed seven bronze cartouches with the images of combat decoration of UGA.    
    The Field of Honour is in the lower level of UGA Memorial. The burial places are concentrated around the chapel, where in the crypt rests the President of West Ukrainian National Republic Yevhen Pertushevych (1863-1941) - a public and political figure, ambassador in Austrian parliament in 1907-1918, head of Ukrainian Parliamentary Representation, member of UNR Directory (1919). After the execution of agreement between UNR and Poland, according to which annexation of Galicia by Poland was acknowledged Ye. Petrushevych led a diplomatic fight for self-determination of Galician people and formed the government in exile (1920-1923). After death he was buried on the little old Berlin cemetery alongside with the graves of D. Vitovskyy and Yu. Chuchman. In 2002 he was reburied from Berlin.