Internal Regulations of the Museum:

On the territory of  the Museum is prohibited:

a) to demage buildings and monuments;

b) to ride on transport, motorcycles and bicycles;

c) to carry large luggage;

d) to walk, sit and lie on the lawns, damage trees, shrubs, pull off flowers, make fires, walk dogs;

d) to be loud (games, entertainment, singing, playing on musical instruments) with exception to bands that serve the funeral processions;

d) to drink alcoholic beverages and be in a state of alcohol intoxication;

f) to sell items of ritual purpose, souvenirs, flowers;

g) to take photos and filming without permission.

We regret that it may be necessary, for example, in the interests of security or public safety, for us to alter the Museum’s opening hours or close specific areas of the Museum at any time and without prior notice.